Fun with Pogo sticks

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A shocking statistic is that 80% of parents think their kids are getting enough exercise but in fact less than 10% actually do!

This lack of exercise has been caused partly by the rise of the”playstation culture” which means children simply don’t go out and perform any more. This has caused a big increase in childhood obesity and related illnesses.

The difficulty can be persuading your kids that exercise is fun and can be appreciated. In fact, many adults would benefit from being taught this lesson too!

A pogo stick is an exceptional source of fun and exercise.

There’s something about bouncing around on a pogo stick that puts a grin on your face. The challenge of mastering it and being able to bounce for ages makes it something that keeps both children and adults entertained for a long time.

As soon as you get good at pogo’ing then you may begin doing tricks such as bouncing with one hand or no hands or perhaps with no feet. When you have mastered these more basic tricks you can move on to more advanced tricks with a stronger stick and do somersaults and more.

The excellent thing about these pogo sticks for children is that they are actually quite affordable. The Flybar Foammaster, which is a great starter stick can be bought for under fifty dollars. The benefit of the foam stick for children is that it does not get scratched and the foam reduces any bruises to the legs.

There are a lot more expensive pogo sticks out there which you can buy as they get into using their pogo stick, but to start with one of the affordable sticks will be more than sufficient for their needs.

Some parents are worried about the security of a pogostick but to be honest they aren’t any more dangerous than a bicycle. If we’re really honest they’re actually safer because then you fall of a pogostick you have more chance of landing on your feet than a bicycle. When you fall off a bike usually it lands on you resulting in injury.

Naturally, as a parent, you need to make sure your child is safe on their pogostick so that you will want to buy them a helmet and maybe some elbow and knee pads. This will make sure they are safe if they do fall off and land on anything aside from their feet.

Pogo sticks for kids are an excellent form of exercise and entertainment. You will be surprised how much your child will appreciate their pogostick. It’s good old fashioned healthy fun they can show off to their friends and have some fun with.